About Journal

The Journal of Food and Bioprocess Engineering (JFBE) is a fee-free open access international journal of Department of Food Science and Engineering, University of Tehran. This semiannually publishes peer-reviewed research papers and reviews in all branches of science, technology, biotechnology and engineering of foods and food products with a special emphasis on bioprocess modelling and optimization; separation and bioseparation; fermentation; bioreactor design, instrumentation and control; microbial physiology and engineering metabolic; production formulation; sterile processing; functional fermented foods or ingredients; nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology; engineering for food safety; environmental issues in food manufacture; minimal processing techniques; packaging; plant, process and product design; processing and microstructure interactions; unit operations, process modelling and optimization in food engineering; effect of different processes on the functional properties of foods or drinks; non-thermal processes; process analytical technology (PAT).