Document Type : Original research


Food Technologies Group, Department of Chemical Technologies, Iranian Research Organization for Science & Technology (IROST), Tehran, Iran



In this research, an active packaging system with antioxidant properties has been designed for the shelf life extension of sausage. Cotton linter-based fibrous casing has been coated with thyme and rosemary extract with different percentages (0, 2, 4, and 6 %). The water vapor permeability rate, extract loading on the casing, total phenolic content, DPPH radical scavenging activity and migration of phenolic compounds were determined in developed casings. Lipid oxidation (TBARS), film color and sensory properties of packed sausage were assessed during 2 months in cold storage (4 ±1 °C). Casings containing 0 and 2% of thyme and rosemary extract showed the most hydrophobic and the lowest water vapor permeability. Phenolic compounds migration was different from 60 to 191 (mg Gallic acid /g) and the result showed that releasing extent and rate of both extracts were significant (p <0.05).  Fibrous casing loaded with 6% thyme extract showed the highest antioxidant activity (1.01 mg malondialdehyde/ kg). Sausage packaged in a fibrous casing loaded with 6% thyme extract was preferred by the panelists in terms of overall acceptability. Regarding Sausage color, there was no significant difference between active and control packaged sausage samples (p >0.05). There was a significant difference in color between extract loaded and control casings (p <0.05).


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