Keywords = Antimicrobial activity
Number of Articles: 4
2. The production of cheese-flavored extruded snack exploiting anti-microbial properties of natural food colors

Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2019, Pages 107-112

Dina Alhooei; Maryam Salami; Maryam Moslehi Shad; Jean-Marc Chobert; Thomas Haertlé

3. Development of novel active coating from Sagez and Sagez-zein to increase the shelf life of sweet lemon (Citrus limetta)

Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2019, Pages 41-48

Ahmad Karaminia; Mohammad Mousavi; Gholamreza Askari

4. Effect of sumac (Rhus coriaria) and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) water extracts on microbial growth changes in ground beef meat

Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2018, Pages 127-132

Farnaz Naseri Khalkhali; Maliheh Rahati Noveir