Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 1-86 
Experimental study and mathematical modeling of thin layer drying of rhubarb (Rheum ribes L.)

Pages 1-6


Akram Sharifi; Mehrdad Niakousari; Sadegh Rigi

Antimicrobial effects of pomegranate peel extract on Lactobacillus plantarum and shelf life of Thousand Island dressing

Pages 7-14


Majid Javanmard; Akram Akbari

Osmotic dehydration combined with hot air convective drying of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) gel

Pages 15-22


Akram Sharifi; Sadegh Rigi; Amir Hossein Elhamirad; Alireza Basiri

The effect of wheat straw bleaching on some mechanical properties of wheat straw/LDPE biocomposites

Pages 23-28


Behjat Tajeddin; Reza Famil Momen

Modeling the effect of different infrared treatment on B. cereus in cardamom seeds and using genetic algorithm-artificial neural network

Pages 29-34


Mahdi Shavandi; Alireza Sadeghi; Atena Sarani

Antioxidant activity and mineral content of watermelon peel

Pages 35-40


Javad Feizy; Moslem Jahani; Sima Ahmadi

Advantages of thermal stability of virgin olive oil over canola and frying oil

Pages 41-46


Saeed Keshavarz Moghadam; Maryam Moslehishad

A chromatographic method for detection of palm oil in butter

Pages 47-52


Javad Feizy; Moslem Jahani

Inhibition activity on alpha-glucosidase of experimental, functional ice cream with the addition of pistachio peel extract

Pages 53-60


Amir Hossein Mohammadian; Amir Pouya Ghandehari Yazdi; Mohsen Barzegar

The physical and rheological properties of egg albumin emulsions are influenced by basil seed gum as the stabilizer

Pages 61-68


Saeed Mirarab Razi; Ali Motamedzadegan; Seyed Ahmad Shahidi; Ali Rashidinejad

Effect of vacuum packaging and edible coating containing black pepper seeds and turmeric extracts on shelf life extension of chicken breast fillets

Pages 69-78


Fereshteh Dalvandi; Hadi Almasi; Babak Ghanbarzadeh; Hedayat Hosseini; Nader Karimian Khosroshahi

Curcumin as a bioactive compound: biological properties and encapsulation methods

Pages 79-86


Zeinab Mehdipour Biregani; Maryam Gharachorloo