Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2020, Pages 87-184 
1. Convective drying of atmospheric pressure cold plasma pretreatment saffron stigmas: kinetic modeling

Pages 87-94


Seyed Abolfazl Tabibian; Mohsen Labbafi; Gholamreza Askari; Hamidreza Ghomi; Alireza Rezaeinezhad

5. TaqMan real-time PCR: a reliable method to detect meat species

Pages 116-120


Sahar Porzahmat Shirvan; Maryam Azizkhani; Maryam Torabi; Mahyar Sharifan

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Summer and Autumn 2020, Pages 87-184 Winter and Spring 2020, Pages 1-86